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June 2, 2015

The US Patent Office awards Patent Number 9,046,318 for the Venom Line of Finger Tabs.

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The Venom Finger Tab now comes in three different models. The Venom Original, Venom II, and the Venom Starter finger tab. Our finger spacers, strap, cordovan leather and backing leather are available separately as well as a replacement screw kit.


Innovative Design is the Key

The Venom Finger Tab has been in development for over three years. It has been designed and tested in countless tournaments nationally and internationally by one of the top young archers in America today.

The genius of the Venom Finger Tab is in its simplicity. The one size fits all CNC machined aluminum plate is quite small which allows for the ability of the archer to close the hand to pull arrows or write with a pen. The three finger nylon strap and buckle system allows this tab to be customized to fit any size hand, but most important the through the finger spacer strap system makes for a very firm attachment to the archer's hand. There is NO forward movement of the tab on the shooter's hand at release. This is superior performance to all other tabs on the market today.

Probably the most important innovation of the Venom Finger Tab is the injection molded NNP(No Nock Pinch) Finger Spacer(Patent Pending). The design of this finger spacer has been refined over that past two years into what we think is truly innovative. This spacer is longer than anything on the market today. Its lengthened design allows it to follow the natural hook of the shooter's string fingers. This brings the spacer closer to the arrow nock forcing the fingers parallel, which does not allow nock pinch, hence the name, No-Nock-Pinch Finger Spacer(NNP).

Additionally, our finger spacer has a slot molded into it for the 3/8 inch nylon webbing to pass through. This innovative design squeezes the finger spacer between the fingers. This also helps keep the finger tips parallel on the string, as well as keeps the tab from sliding forward at release.

Accept no substitute. Others may look similar, don't be mislead. This tab has been time-tested and has performed time and time again. We offer superior design and performance, for serious shooters.