Traditional Tabs

Our Traditional Tabs are born from the same innovative design as the Venom Line of Finger Tabs. The same high quality 6061 CNC anodized aluminum plate, Stainless Steel Buckle, and second to none Horween Cordovan Leather. The T-2 HD is CNC machined Brass.

A new and innovative design to our patented multi-finger strap and buckle system has produced a lower profile required for traditional and barebow shooters.

The strap on each of these tabs now have two buckle setup options. The strap can now eject downward out the bottom of the plate or upward toward the top of plate. The buckle is buried into the plate resulting in the lowest profile possible without any loss to a tight and secure attachment to the shooter's hand.

Also, entire edge of the plate has been machined with a radius on the edge eliminating any sharp edges.

These tabs are the most versatile traditional tabs on the market with fully replaceable cordovan face and backing leather. All of our Traditional Tabs can be used in a one, Two or three finger strap setup. Both are available in a no-split or split cordovan option.

Plates are lasered with markings along the front edge 1/8 in apart from top to bottom.

Like all the Black Mamba Archery Tabs, our Traditional tabs are produced with oversized leather and are custom trim-to-fit for sizing.