Venom II

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e Venom II Finger Tab was developed for shooters with smaller hands and those who preferred a two finger strap design. The plate is smaller than the Original Venom Tab.

The Venom II is a three finger tab with a two finger strap and spacer design, and has all the same features as the Original Venom Tab just in a compact size. The two finger strap and spacer design allows for easy cinching and removal of the Venom II Finger Tab. This tab comes standard with a black injection molded Venom Finger Spacer or can be upgraded injection molded Axios Finger Spacer with the option of either the Short, Medium of Long. The Stainless Steel Venom Ledge is also included.

This tab is produced with over-sized trim-to-fit leather to accommodate larger hand shooters that would prefer to shoot the two finger strap design.