Venom Xtreme Universal Palm Pad

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The Venom Xtreme Universal Palm Pad is a three dimensional fully adjustable palm pad with up and down, back and forth, and in and out adjustments. In addition to X, Y, and Z axis adjustments, the offset triangular Palm Pad can be rotated allowing for three different angles on one side, and when flipped over, three more. Six possible angles with an infinite number of positions. Truly, the only fully customizable Palm Pad on the market.

Our new Palm Pad is designed to help give the archer additional feedback during hooking of the string all the way through release. This component helps improve and maintain consistent finger pressure, and helps maintain that consistent pressure through the entire shot. This is accomplished by providing an additional reference point on the rear portion of the palm. If the distribution of finger pressure changes the pad will move indicating a change to the archer.

Compatible with all of our previous tabs, Venom Original and Venom II, as well as other manufacturer tabs on the market. Included are instructions and retrofit screws and lock nuts as shown in photo.